Pick me, pick me!!

So I've decided to step into the slightly weird world of blogging!! I'm not really sure how I feel about it but let's just go with it...bear with...

The hardest part has been deciding what the hell to actually blog about. I guess that should be easy - weddings! But that will follow...

SO WHAT THE HELL DO I BLOG ABOUT?! Well I am going to talk about weddings but the stuff that people want to know, need help with or are just plain confused about. Let's face it, wedding days are incredibly magical, emotional days - the best day of your life in fact, but the planning.... oh my god, the planning!

Picking a suitable wedding photographer is just one of those many tasks to tick off the list. But like all the other tasks it can take time to find that person you feel can capture your day as you want it capturing.

Where do you start? Well word of mouth is always a good starting point, most of my bookings have come via recommendations. You may well feel more comfortable knowing someone else had a great experience with their photographer and have photographs they can treasure. For me, your experience is of paramount importance. Not only do I want you to love the images I produce as much as I love making them but I also want you to enjoy the process. That's very important.

Go with your gut instinct! If you love a photographer's work, hopefully mine ;-) arrange to meet for a chat. Any photographer worth their salt should do this as matter of course with any new client. If you don't get on then the photos won't work. The photographer needs to understand you and how you want your memories to be captured. They may have their own unique style but it still needs to adapt to reflect the essence of you both. It's your wedding, it's your memories, it's all about you! If your photographer doesn't agree with that then pick me!!